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The MRP1 is a single stage trommel & picking line that incorporates a hooklift mounted frame which means it’s easily transported by either a hooklift truck or tilt tray. The MRP1 can also be powered from a generator meaning you can literally recycle anywhere.


MRP 1 – Mobile Recycling Plant 1

General Specification

  • Hooklift mounted frame
  • PF1 trommel
  • 2800x1200mm screen
  • Integrated hopper
  • 4000x900mm picking conveyor
  • Capacity up to 20m3/hr of heavy contaminated waste (900kg/ton)

Standard Features

  • Variable speed drive for conveyor and trommel screen
  • Control box with emergency stop monitoring
  • Remote control stop/start
  • Impact and wear resistant 80 grade high tensile steel used on infeed hopper, cylinder and conveyor
  • Cylinders fitted with entry paddles and double wound helix
  • Replaceable high tensile woven wire screen panels tensioned over cylinder
  • Low cost to run with few moving parts
  • Picking line has finger safe replaceable skirting panels
  • Top quality Italian beveled helical transmissions
  • Lanyard emergency stop


  • Weather protection over the picking line
  • Magnetic head pulley
  • Cross belt light waste classifier (Air knife)
  • Dust suppression system


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