Stationary Picking Lines

SPL2 With Classifier

SPL3 Demolition Waste

SPL3 Enclosed

SPL2 C&I Waste



Static Picking Lines come standard with variable speed conveyors, control panels that meet “Category 3” safety requirement and are fitted with bevel helical transmissions. All belts are 3 ply 5/1.5mm cover EP200 20NPA and come in 900mm, 1050mm or 1200mm widths. We can tailor make a Picking Line to suit the customers own personal requirement, width, length and height are totally flexible. As with all of our equipment we only use high grade industrial enamel paints that promote a longer life-cycle guarding the steel sub frame against corrosive and abrasive environments. With dozens of our plants sold to waste contractors around Australia, we have the track record that is unmatched by any other supplier. Sort-Tec waste separation plants are 100% designed and manufactured in Australia with locally sourced materials and components.

The Sort-Tec picking line product range has solutions to suit small to large volume applications ranging from 60m3 per hour with the SPL2 through to 100m3 per hour on the SPL3. Our design can be configured to suit your needs in separating construction & demolition waste, commercial & industrial waste, concrete rubble, greenwaste and curbside recyclables.

Standard Features

  • Variable speed conveyor
  • Control box with emergency stop monitoring
  • Remote control stop/start
  • Impact and wear resistant 80 grade high tensile steel used on infeed hopper and conveyor
  • Picking line has finger safe replaceable skirting panels
  • Top quality Italian beveled helical transmission
  • Lanyard emergency stop


  • Weather protection over the picking line
  • 3m high Bisalloy lined bay walls
  • Magnetic head pulley
  • Stairs replacing caged ladders
  • Add extra picking line stations to standard configuration
  • Cross belt light waste classifier
  • Dust suppression system
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